The essence of the Arkhé Hotel Boutique

Discover the essence and charm of the Arkhé in every nook and cranny and in every detail

Charming room at Arkhé Hotel Boutique


Quality mattresses and soft sofas with warm upholstery, colours that are the pigments of nature and soft fabrics, the ruggedness of the stone and the cleanliness of the white, walls that keep you safe and skylights that illuminate, ceramic plates and cups, wicker lamps and cathedral lamps, solid furniture and delicate flowers which we pick each week.

Balanced breakfast at Arkhé Hotel Boutique


Vegetables, fruit and nuts, seeds, sprouts, spices, aromatic herbs and edible flowers. All the products we use are locally sourced and organic to prepare 100% plant-based dishes based on the philosophy of conscious nutrition. We don’t use any processed foods or ones that contain gluten, lactose, sugar or conventional flour. We offer vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, ketogenic and low-carb breakfasts. We are committed to a providing a balanced diet for both your body and your mind.

Costa Brava


Rice paddies, paths between fields and expanses of apple trees protected by cypresses. Vineyards with gnarled vines and delicious fruits. El Montgrí, Les Gavarres and the Costa Brava with rocky cliffs and blue and sheltered coves.

Art in Arkhé Hotel Boutique


Art in the rooms, art in the hallways, art in display cabinets and art in the common areas. Art in the exhibition hall and in the Fet de Pals shop. A painting, a vase, a lamp, ceramic tableware. You’ll need to take time to enjoy the beauty.

Paddy Suite
Healthy breakfast at Arkhé Hotel Boutique
Intermediate room of Arkhé Hotel Arkhé
Comfort at Arkhé Hotel Boutique
Reception of the Arkhé Hotel Boutique
Entrance of Arkhé Hotel Boutique